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Despite unprecedented challenges, we are working hard to keep services going for vulnerable and troubled young people families in Surrey who will be disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sarah* and her children lead very chaotic lives because there is no structure or boundaries in place for the children – a situation which has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Our mentoring team are providing support using video conferencing software to help Sarah and her eldest daughter, Sienna, to create a daily routine for the family. We have helped Sienna to make a timetable of school work so she doesn’t fall behind. And, we are providing Sarah with advice on how to improve her parenting skills and also on preparing healthy meals with deliveries we have helped to arrange from the local food bank. Without this consistent support in place the family would become very dysfunctional and Sienna would fall considerably behind in her studies.

Mum of three, Aisha* is living with a partner who can be very controlling.  She doesn’t want to talk about her situation with her family or friends, but she can no longer leave the house for respite because of the lockdown.  Our Family Centre Outreach Worker is in regular contact with her, giving advice on what she can do to keep herself and her children safe and well and, has provided links to other organisations that can help her too.  More than anything, Aisha values the opportunity to talk about her feelings and takes comfort in knowing that someone cares.

Paul is 16 now and 6ft, but when he joined our STEPS to 16 alternative education programme he was half the size and had such a bad experience in education that his motivation and self-confidence were at an all-time low.  Paul has ADHD and struggled in large class sizes to concentrate and stay focused which would get him into trouble – usually for distracting others.  At our Woking Learning Centre, where the STEPS programme is based, he was able to work on techniques to control his ADHD, anger management and build his self-esteem.  Paul has already achieved his Level 1 Maths and English and is now working remotely completing online work provided by STEPS, to prepare him for his Level 2 exams in May. He is also in regular contact with our STEPS team for support and encouragement.  Paul says: “When I leave STEPS I will get an apprenticeship at the local garage. Without STEPS I wouldn’t have had any qualifications and wouldn’t be the person I have become.  When I make lots of money I will come back and help STEPS out.”

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*Names have been changed