One Year On & Beyond Research

The Surrey Care Trust has published its third and final tranche of research into the effects of the pandemic on the people we support.

We know that data, knowledge and learning is essential for working out how to support disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Surrey. An organisation that does not understand how its users’ lives are being affected by a crisis is an organisation that cannot help them through that crisis – and beyond. Learning is key in ensuring that the help we offer successfully meets people’s needs and makes a real difference to their life chances.

Even before the pandemic, the people we support struggled in at least one way and our research has shown that in fact, the majority struggle with five problems on average. Problems such as poor mental health, unemployment, physical illness, educational disengagement, relationship breakdown, parenting challenges, and other issues due to chronic or cyclical deprivation.

Our results show the sweeping effect of repeated lockdowns, national anxiety, suspended socialising, enforced isolation, and unprecedented economic crisis. Although the problems facing people are stark, thanks to the excellent work of the charity sector across Surrey, people who needed help have found it. Nearly two thirds of the people who took part in our research say that the Surrey Care Trust supported them with ALL of their problems for example.

We know there are more people that need support – those who haven’t yet needed help and those who haven’t found help yet. We also know that many of the people whom we have already helped, will continue to need help even as the lockdowns lift and something resembling normal life resumes.

As the country moves forward, we want to ensure that no-one is left behind. The Surrey Care Trust has launched a new ‘No-One Left Behind’ appeal to help the charity to support its work of breaking the cycle of disadvantage in Surrey.

View our Covid: One Year & Beyond event here.