Emergency Appeal

Emergency appeal

Jayden is only 14 but he is anxious, depressed and scared. His school has closed and although he’s from a troubled family, he falls under the threshold for statutory services so now there’s no escape from home.

His mother, separated from his controlling father but living with a boyfriend, is an alcoholic. Ongoing issues between his parents leaves Jayden needing to take on many of the parental responsibilities for his siblings. The anxiety and stress caused by Covid-19 is placing even more strain on the family who are already living on a low income and Jayden is bearing the bulk of the burden.

But, thanks to his trained Surrey Care Trust mentor and the STEPS to 16 educational team, Jayden is not alone.

We are here to help Jayden, his family and 1,500 people like them. We’re changing and adapting our services to help Jayden during this difficult time and reaching out to his parents to provide practical and emotional support whether it’s advice on how best to get by on a dwindling budget or how to ensure the children’s mental and emotional well-being.

But we cannot do it without your help. As a result of the national emergency, we face:

– Increased demand because people who are already isolated and vulnerable need us more than ever

– Loss of £50,000 of expected income. We need to raise it urgently.

Any financial support that you can give at this time will make the difference to peoples lives. This is the difference your donation can make:

£10 = one mentor’s monthly phone costs

£25 = one hour of professional support for a vulnerable young person

£50 = 1.5 hours support by a trained counsellor for a young person with fragile mental health

£100 = 1 day of support for parents under pressure from a trained outreach worker

£250 = developing online content to support many young people and families

Please – donate today

Thank you