Covid 19: Our message to you


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A message from John Downing, Chief Executive

We all know that we are experiencing a crisis not seen for generations – one which will most affect people and families who are already vulnerable and disadvantaged. The Surrey Care Trust has been supporting the most vulnerable in the county for almost 40 years – through thick and thin – and now is no different although the circumstances are: we’re still here for the people who need us.

Despite unprecedented challenges, we are working hard to keep services going for our students on our STEPS to 16 alternative education programme and moving quickly to change how we deliver other services to provide the best support we can. We want to keep our clients connected with their mentors and counsellors via phone and video services instead of meeting in person, and use social media and online content so that while our Family Centre is restricted, troubled families can get the advice they need to help their children to thrive and become more resilient. We are proactively planning and rapidly responding as the situation continues to develop at pace.

Our staff and volunteers are completely committed to helping those in need and we are supporting them to work from home as flexibly as possible – their safety and well-being is of upmost importance to us and we’re in regular contact. We are closely following the government guidelines on the situation and update our information and approach frequently in line with the guidance.

We’re hugely grateful for the support and understanding shown to us by our funders – many of who are adjusting our targets or reporting timelines. But we do face a number of challenges including:
• Increased demand: not only will people who are already isolated and vulnerable need us more than ever, but we will see more people affected by changes in income, mental health strains, family and relationship conflicts, and threats to their employment and education prospects
• Loss of income: In just one week we have had to write off £30,000 worth of income and we expect to lose at least £20,000 more over the coming weeks. This is due to the impact on our fundraising events and our community and corporate supporters.

So we’ve launched an emergency appeal to help us to bridge the funding gap and meet rising demand. Not only will we make a crucial difference now, but we will build a better future for everyone.

Thank you for your support