Back on Track Appeal

Covid-19 is stripping away opportunities for education and employment for many of the vulnerable people we support



Kayleigh is 16 and studying Animal Management at college. She loves her course and wants to work with animals when she finishes. But securing her dream job depends on being able to find a work placement, yet because of the pandemic they are few and far between. Kayleigh doesn’t have a network of contacts that other students may be able to tap into, to find an opportunity.

Without a work placement, she worried that she wouldn’t be able to pass her course or have relevant work experience on her c.v. when the time comes to find a job. The uncertainty was making Kayleigh feel anxious and stressed, which in turn was affecting her education and her low moods were causing problems at home.

Our mentoring support is now helping Kayleigh to work through the challenges she is facing, so that they don’t feel
too overwhelming and she doesn’t give up on her education or feel as unhappy at home.

Now more than ever, people like Kayleigh need our support. Can you make a donation to help make 2021 a
better year for her and thousands of others across Surrey?

Any financial support that you can give at this time will make the difference to peoples lives. This is the difference your donation can make:

£10 = one mentor’s monthly phone costs

£25 = one hour of professional support for a vulnerable young person

£50 = 1.5 hours support by a trained counsellor for a young person with fragile mental health

£100 = 1 day of support for parents under pressure from a trained outreach worker

£250 = developing online content to support many young people and families

Please – donate today

Thank you