Why our work is needed

 Because Surrey isn’t all leafy lanes



Surrey is a place of contrasts. Drive 15 minutes down the road from this idyllic spot at Runnymede,  and you will find Stanwell, a community with high social needs where we run the Sure Start Children’s Centre.

Contrary to popular belief, Surrey is not all leafy lanes, long driveways and affluence.

There are tens of thousands of people in Surrey who are disadvantaged by low skills, lack of opportunity, setbacks in life and precarious economic circumstances.

Many face hardship. They often feel they are being left out of society and have no contribution to make.

It’s not only the adult generation we are concerned with; a small but significant proportion of today’s young people are still failing to thrive and achieve in education, so limiting their future prospects.

  • 10% of young people living in Surrey are from low income families
  • In 23 neighbourhoods, 30% of children and young people live in poverty, above the national average – severely impacting their educational attainment and job prospects
  • One in three children receiving free school meals leaves primary school with substandard Maths and English – twice as many as those children not receiving free school meals
  • In some neighbourhoods more than 40% of adults have no qualifications
  • Surrey has 2,205 NEETs (not in Education, Employment or Training) aged 16-24 of whom 40% have been claiming Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) for more than 6 months

Source: Surrey Uncovered 2013, Community Foundation for Surrey These are problems on our doorstep and within our own local communities – problems that with support and help can be improved.

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