Mentoring for Families & Young People

Our trained volunteer mentors, like Aimee, are continuing to support young people and families across Surrey through the pandemic.

“Mentoring is like having an extra head – I can focus on what I want to focus on and not get weighed down like I used to. It feels so good to be able to say that!” Tom

Mentoring is a simple but effective way for one person to give their support to someone else who is going through a tough time or needs encouragement to make difficult decisions. We help young people aged 11-18 and/or families with children aged 5-19, who are struggling to cope for any reason. (We also help adults return to work too).

The young people we help often need our mentoring support because they cannot cope with their feelings and may be self-harming, are being bullied at school or are affected by relationship breakdown or domestic abuse at home.

Our mentors are people from the local community who want to give their time to help someone else. They are fully trained and will help you to work through your problems so they are more manageable. We carefully match our mentors with the people (mentees) they will be supporting, so that they will be someone you feel comfortable with. They won’t judge you and they will respect your privacy.

Usually a mentor will meet you in a public place, like a coffee shop but we have adapted our service during the Covid-19 pandemic to provide support via email, apps and telephone.

Our mentors have helped people to feel better about themselves, or cope better at school, achieve a goal like going to college or improve relationships and family life at home. Almost of all of the young people and families we support have told us that they feel more confident. A quarter of the adults in families we supported in the east of the county found a job or were actively job seeking or returned to education.

If you are aged 11-18, or if you are a parent with children aged 5-19, struggling to cope during the pandemic or for another reason – we can help you with free mentoring support. Find out how we supported Tom and Daisy.

For a referral form if you are a professional working with people in Surrey, or to contact us directly if you need support, please email

Most of our mentoring support for families is funded by Surrey County Council.  Some of our mentoring support which helps adults in families to find work or training is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund.


We also offer Covid-19 Support Groups

Thanks to funding from the Community Foundation for Surrey, we are trailing a pilot project to provide support to people living in Reigate and Banstead, affected by the Covid-19 virus.

Our Covid-19 Support Groups bring together people who have had the virus, or family members whose loved ones have had the virus, people who have lost a loved one because of the Covid-19 virus or complications arising from the virus with a trained therapist.  Our online sessions last for one hour during the evening and you can take part for as long you need.  Guided by our therapist, each group will be encouraged to provide informal support to one another and use talking therapy to explore emotions, problems and solutions.  Just knowing you are not alone can be a real comfort too.

Download our leaflet on our Covid-19 support group for people who have had the virus here and our leaflet for people who have lost a loved one because of the virus here.

For more information about the groups contact Cathy Leamon – call 07730 570305 or email