Local Conversation


The Local Conversation in Stanwell is a new initiative which aims to bring the community together and take action on local issues.

Surrey Care Trust secured an investment of more than £300,000 from People’s Health Trust with money raised by HealthSound through The Health Lottery to get local people involved in setting up and running projects themselves, to make Stanwell an even better place to live, work, grow up and grow older.

So far five priorities have been identified by the community. These are:
• Taking a pride in Stanwell
• Increasing social networks and connections
• Regular activities for children 7-11 and young people
• Opportunities to be a more active community
• Transport links.

A steering group, which is supported by Surrey Care Trust, is now working with local people to determine how and when the money is best spent to achieve these priorities. A Community Development Worker will work in the community to ensure all Stanwell residents have the opportunity to get involved.

For more information, contact infostanwell@gmail.com

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