Volunteering on Swingbridge



Volunteer Tony Clarke shows a client from the York Road homeless project how to helm.

Volunteering with Swingbridge is an opportunity to learn new skills and then share those with others.

Surrey Care Trust needs people with all sorts of talents to help run Swingbridge: an aptitude for the practical side of boats, an enthusiasm for environmental work and above all the ability to motivate and enthuse others. A number of our trainees and some of our volunteers need support from others in the team.

As well as crew members and skippers, we have a team of volunteer trainers, while other volunteers take on responsibility for maintenance or are involved in other behind-the-scenes jobs.

Some people volunteer every week; for others it is a more occasional commitment. Whatever time you have to give, there will be a place for you on Swingbridge.

Training for volunteers

We have a range of nationally accredited training courses with the National Community Boats Association.

All Swingbridge volunteers work towards achieving the Community Crew Certificate, a workbook-based course during which new recruits are mentored through the crewing activities. 

The next step can be to qualify as a skipper by achieving the Certificate in Community Boat Management and we have a small group of volunteers trained to an even higher level so they can train other people to become skippers.

People who spend time helping with the Swingbridge environmental work programme can achieve Level 1 units in recognition of skills they have learnt through the Open College Network.

To find out more about volunteering with Swingbridge, get in touch.

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