Taking part – your questions

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Walking his own path: Brian Ingarfield chose to trek along the Le Chemin de la Liberté to raise funds for Surrey Care Trust this summer. If you have your own place in an event or wish to organise your own fundraising event we can support you.

 What if I don’t raise the minimum to take part?

Our experience is that most people reach their minimum target and then exceed it!  We will help you as much as we can to help you fundraise and now with online fundraising, it’s much easier to get to your target than ever before.  We provide paper sponsorship forms and leaflets about all our work to help you spread the word about our cause.

 I’m worried about doing the challenge on my own…

Why not get a friend or team of people to take part. The more the merrier and you can merge your targets and fundraise together, you’ll share the challenge experience and it could even bring you all closer!
We love the ‘I’ll do it, if you do’ attitude.

 I’m worried about training or I don’t have time to…

Some of our challenge events only require training on the day!  Firewalking, Skydiving and the Spinnaker Tower abseil are all run by professional companies with all the training, health & safety procedures and qualified instructors in place and you have training sessions just before the event takes place.

 How fit and healthy do I have to be?

You don’t have to be super fit to take part in most of our events, however some events require more training than others and so we would strongly recommend that you do regular training in the weeks leading up to the event. There are some events that you may have to get a signed medical form from your doctor and make us aware of any medical conditions that may be affected by participating in the event.

 What type of person takes part in a challenge event?

Everyone who signs up for a challenge event has two things in common – a sense of adventure and the desire to help people overcome disadvantage and build their skills and life chances. There are people from all walks of life, taking part in our events, which makes for an interesting and diverse bunch! We get friends, couples and groups taking part but many others don’t know anyone else beforehand.  A great way to make new friends!

Min-max age changes from event to event, so do get in touch if you are unsure.

 Can I raise funds for the Trust by organising my own event or taking part in another organised event?

Tea parties, Pyrenean Treks and off-road bike rides…some of the alternative fundraising events that Surrey Care Trust supporters have organised or participated in to support the Trust. If you would like to organise your own event or challenge, or take part in another organised event in which you can choose the Trust as your charity, we’ll be happy to support you. Email our Events Officer Hannah Gilmour with details.